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About Yark


  • Jun. 1992  Established ”Yark , Inc.”
  • Jan. 2001  We're distributor of BOSCH brand from Germany , who are representative for windshield wiper exclusive sales privileges.
  • Jan. 2002  To change name ”Yark technologies & development, Inc.”
  • Mar. 2004  YAC Japan car accessories agency.
  • Oct. 2005   NBA trademark has privileged for car accessories manufacturing rights of use.
  • Oct. 2006   Michelin French car accessories to sale and has privileged manufacturing rights of use in Taiwan.
  • Feb. 2007   MLB trademark has privileged for car accessories manufacturing rights of use.
  • Apr. 2008  To be MONTAGUE U.S.A folding bike distributor in Taiwan.
  • May. 2008  To be CHARGE British single speed bike distributor in Taiwan.
  • Jan. 2009   To be Pashley Hand-built British Bicycles distributor in Taiwan.
  • Jan. 2011   Goodyear U.S.A trademark has privileged for car accessories manufacturing rights of use.
  • Dec. 2012   To be Burley U.S.A folding trailer distributor in Taiwan.
  • Oct. 2015   To be Globber Frenchscooter distributor in Taiwan.
  • Mar. 2017  To be Austria Scoot & Ride scooter distributor in Taiwan.
  • May. 2017  To be Dutch Berg 4 wheels art racing distributor in Taiwan.

Our Business

  1.  Car mat: plastic/rubber carpet, trunk and dedicated SUV.
  2.  Car windshield wiper: German BOSCH windshield wiper,  Titanium knife wipers and wiper top.
  3.  Car beauty: beauty wax, leather agent, tire wax, bright  wax. 
  4.  Additive: wiper water, water tank fine, gasoline fine, oil fine.
  5.  Internal supplies: Interior rear view mirror, cup holder,  power outlet, mobile phone rack, air clean machine.
  6.  Cushion: headrest and cushion.
  7.  Car wash tools: wash brush, wax cloth, deerskin towels and  so on.
  8.  Fragrant: solid/liquid perfume.
  9.  Shade supplies: sunshade and bubble aluminum foil sun  visor.
  10.  First aid & Secure: Tripod, rescue line.
  11.  Appliance: Car vacuum cleaner, car waxing machine, air  machine.
  12.  Bicycle: folding bike, mountain Bike, road Bike and single  speed bike.
  13.  Bicycle accessories: folding trailer, needle bag, parking  brake, canteen rack, safety helmet, lights category.
  14.  Scooter: Children's walker, teenager scooter, adult scooter  and so on.

Corporate Vision

In 1992, Yark has established for the professional access to automotive accessories suppliers and breaking the traditional operating channels of automotive supplies, automotive supplies into the store/supermarket and so on. So, sale access is our principal goal and be going to connect different access each other that let our car merchandises put it into practice and more popularized.


Nowadays, Yark isn’t only a supplier, also have fabulous merchandises development, design and marketing professional supplier. Our company has multi-experts for consumer goods education and follow-up services is spare no effort.

Corporate Mission

The company's core values are quality, efficiency and honor, the constant pursuit of sustainable operation and growth, value every employee, in addition to a good working environment, but also to provide learning and growth choices and hoping that by the quality of goods to help Yark’s Friends and family, feel the wonderful life experience.

Management philosophy

Cars have become a modern life, the combination of automotive supplies and different channels, so that more popular automotive supplies, life, no longer just a simple means of transport, the current cars have become an important tool for leisure, entertainment, For everyone to create a second home concept, adhere to better and better and more suitable for goods.

Corporate Culture

Positive, Action, Unity, Innovation

Industrial Introducing

MONTAGUE BIKE Paragliding is touchstone of the bike industry with its unique features, including military background, large diameter folding mountaineer, body shape, which are different from everyone's awareness of the bike and looking forward to it for making everyone unexpected special, convenient, health, safety, environmental protection and other benefits so on. We are committed to promote the new concept of leisure and life of cars and bicycles, four wheels and two wheels of the combination of two iron Bicycle Lohas, and so on complex tourism, all for our lives more and more casual sports experience.

Core Competitive Advantage

Advantage 1: 

In the era of the Internet line, Yake constantly follow up, Yake shopping network to new Web site, new interface, new features, better payment of cash flow logistics system for customer service, whether it is car general merchandise, cycling, outdoor Camping class etc., can open up a new vision for customers to live.

Advantage 2:

Breaking the traditional business access to automotive supplies, automotive supplies into the wholesales, supermarkets, Internet, etc., so that let our car merchandises put it into practice and more popularized.

Advantage 3:

Yark isn’t only a supplier, also have fabulous merchandises development, design and marketing professional supplier.

Advantage 4:

Since 2013, Yark has begun “Outdoor & Cycling Goods” promotion, emphasized “commuting”, ”pets trailer”, “child trailer” etc…, all aspects of development, so that Taiwanese consumers have more convenient choices of life.


(1) YAC Japanese Car Accessories Distributor - Car accessories, clean and fragrant goods etc…

(2) BOSCH Germany Distributor – Windshield wiper is applicable every kind of car.

(3) GOODYEAR Car Accessories Distributor - Goods was privileged for car by GOODYEAR development.

(4) Paratrooper U.S.A Folding Bikes Distributor- Folding bikes and bikes accessories. 

(5) Burley U.S.A Folding Trailer Distributor - Travel folding trailers and child folding trailers.

(6) Globber French Scooter Distributor- Children's walker, teenager scooter, adult scooter etc…

Media Reports

  • Taichung Daily Newspaper: Paratrooper tactical folding bike was donated by Yark  for Air Force United.
  • TV Media: we were gathered news by Videoland Television Network, Taiwanese idol drama – Letter 1949 and The Fierce Wife etc…
  • Magazine: Bicycle Record, Cycling Life, Taiwanese Daily Newspaper
  • Internet Media: Cycling Epoch - Paratroopers assembly activities report.