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Military Heritage

  • Since 1980, MONTAGUE has begun large wheel diameter folding bike for offering different kind of militaries to use already. In 1997, MONTAGUE research and development of US military combated mountaineering vehicles as the goal to start the relevant process after they cooperated with DARPA.
  • In addition to the plan, MONTAGUE developed a new folding frame, ”F.I.T”. The system was then used in a large (existing model-PARATROOPER) large-scale high-performance folding mountaineering vehicle, so that through the military aircraft door, suitable for paratroopers.
  • PARATROOPER is able to dodge enemies and be detected by radar depend on unusual lacquer materials and flat body so that become best partner with paratroops and Marines. PARATROOPER is montane bike which is a standard size of the wheel can cross any terrains fast and peacefully. The off-road bike body of intensification is able to support 500 pounds (227KG) for the handling capacity, also have both mobility and portability, just complete the folding in 10 seconds.
  • Currently, PARATROOPER of exclusive equipped which is for the US military light armored vehicles and Hummer support the vehicle cannot reach the place that is used in the field when the traffic is reported at the same time. When MONTAGUE folding bikes have been put into trunk, closet and cannot put in other available space for any traditional non-folding bike, they are used in the folding technology widely by the United States, also has gradually developed into a civilian version. After feeling the warm response of the public to the MONTAGUE military bike, civilian version is made public to the world.

Design Philosophy

In addition to our innovative technology, our folding bikes were designed with the philosophy that performance comes first – the folding aspect is secondary. Many people in the bike industry agree that bicycles of the future will fold, but that is where the agreement ends. We design full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold, not simply folding bikes.

Other folding bike manufacturers compromise on the ride quality of the bike when they use small “circus-style” wheels. Montague is different; our folding bikes use standard, full-size wheels that millions of bikes use all around the globe. These wheel sizes have been chosen by a countless number of riders and all major bike companies because they offer by far the best stability, rolling resistance, and obstacle clearance.

Again, our top priority is delivering a high-performance bike.  However, what separates us from other high-caliber bike manufactures is our bike’s ability to fold.  Between the frames, wheels, and other materials, Montague is able to produce industry-leading folding bikes.

Folding Integration System

  • Most of the folding bike, the frame pipe is mostly cut into the steel saw, metal parts fixed as their folding way, not difficult to think this will affect the quality of the ride, when the car tube cut in half, Riding the terrain environment and movement will be subject to certain restrictions.

  • Montague's F.I.T. global patent, engineers apply on the bicycle development system and do not cut any frame design. In fact, when you see Montague's bike, at first glance it will not think it is a folding bike, or not very sure how it is folded. Montague's F.I.T. patent system is in the design of the frame tube, a cannula through the fixed technology can actually strengthen the frame structure, a high-performance multi-purpose mountaineering vehicles. This technology was developed by Montague and used by U.S.A military and has become patent around the world.
  • Montague bicycles without any tools, just will be able to easily fold or unfold the bike in a few seconds, the use of the same as the rapid and convenient.

New Leisure Life

  • Many issues are about environment protection and health for the past few years, plus the coming of the times is high gas price. Taiwanese people has begun to adapt new lifestyle. Then, bicycle environmental protection and the characteristics of movement, coupled with it is fuel-free means of transport, attracting all sectors of society's favor. 
  • The rugged frame of Fighting Grade: Using 7005 aircraft grade aluminum alloy casting frame, coupled F.I.T patented technology and rigidity is better than the general folding bike.
  • Disassemble & install: F.I.T and Cilx cannot use any tools and complete disassemble and install in 30 seconds to depend on patented technology.
  • Good Choices: We don’t need carrying frame and van anymore, also can travel with a bike everywhere.

         (Trunk can put a Montague bike into 4 wheels car.)

Frame Geometry

The MONTAGUE bike uses standard-size wheels that have been witnessed by millions of people around the world. If the small-diameter folding carts shorten the distance from the seat to the handle, only to achieve a smaller folding size, traditional large wheel bikes have advantages. MONTAGUE bike has a standard tube length, front tube angle, seat angle and rear fork length. Means that only MONTAGUE, unprecedented folding car driving performance can be released.

Frame Materials

Materials used in frame construction are equally important. So our engineers, looking to the aircraft industry, have developed state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is used on every bike we sell. Sure, it would be easier and less expensive to use the same old round steel tubes that everyone else uses, but then our bikes would ride just like everyone else’s, an option we just can’t accept.


RackStand™ is a new concept in bicycle rack systems. It is a luggage carrier, mudguard, kickstand, and work stand all in one. It even makes folding and storing your folded bike easier. A quick release allows it to rotate under the rear wheel on a specially designed axle mount. When in the lowered position it acts as a kickstand or workstand, stabilizes your bike to make folding easier, and allows the folded bike to be stored or displayed upright.

Patent Certification in Taiwan

Montague has multinomial patent internationally. Recently, the other frame factories have begun to counterfeit Montague patent folding frame, in order to avoid legal responsibility and have the original after-sale warranty service, please buy Montague original bike.

Log in & warranty

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We’re really thankful for purchase MONTAGUE folding bike!

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