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Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Privacy which regard Internet user care about it for YARK. In order to user and private matters follow the policies; we’ll let you know when surfing our online shop. If you have any questions, please contact us and answer you! 

Applicable Scope of Private Matters

Individual information that only service from our website for customers is applicable scope of private matters

Protected of Privacy Matters on Website

When you sign in or leave your information on our website, we don’t make public your information for third party.  Your information isn’t revealed by someone,including your name, address, email address…etc. you will be protected owninformation.

Visitors will record their suffering or favorite on website that may use Cookie improves our quality on website simultaneously. When the server run LOG by itself, your search or website in internet included IP address, time, server, search and some information you link and so on. These are Internet and analyses usage for website management with multimedia information and guide into functions about analysis (re-marketing, multimedia information or forms of report) and so on.

Warning!Shouldn’t take individual information doing something on purpose you use,besides one of situation you comply:

  • Expressly Stipulated by Law
  • Increasing Benefit in Public
  • The client is exempted who lose life, body, freedom or property on the endangering.
  • To prevent significant harm is the rights and interests of others.
  • The client makes agreement on paper.