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Car Products (Brand Cooperation)

Cars have become a modern life, the combination of automotive supplies and different channels, so that more popular automotive supplies, life, no longer just a simple means of transport, the current cars have become an important tool for leisure, entertainment, For everyone to create a second home concept, adhere to better and better and more suitable for goods.


Parent-Child Leisure (Brand Agency)

Bicycle (Brand Agency)

MONTAGUE BIKE Paragliding is touchstone of the bike industry with its unique features, including military background, large diameter folding mountaineer, body shape, which are different from everyone's awareness of the bike and looking forward to it for making everyone unexpected special, convenient, health, safety, environmental protection and other benefits . We are committed to promote the new concept of leisure and life of cars and bicycles, four wheels and two wheels of the combination of two iron Bicycle Lohas, and complex tourism, all for our lives more and more casual sports experience.


兒童玩具 / 親子用品 / 戶外休閒等相關設計商品,為寶貝提供成長學習與生活上的樂趣,和家人貼近大自然參與戶外活動,培養親子間的感情,一起享受假日悠閒的時光。

Private Brand

Marmi which is set up the brand is diligent selected brand of good quality for consumers, holding a common life in the creation of full of happiness and moving adhere to enrich enjoyment and beautiful in the your life.